Accio Caffeine - Unisex White Cotton T-Shirt


Mmmrph, flumblrgh, huh? Oh, right, descriptions. Gimme a sec. *Inserts IV drip labeled Breakfast Blend w/Double Shot* Okey Dokey! Nothing-feels-quite-as-good-as-that-initial-rush-of-caffeine-in-the-morning! Whew! Now I'm ready to face the day. Demand your coffee with magical haste via this 100% cotton unisex shirt, imprinted with our own design of a steaming cup of Joe magicked into being with a shiny golden wand, along with the spell command "Accio Caffeine".


Our shirts are made by hand in our studio/workshop, with a combination of screen printing, transfer printing and heat press.  We use pure cotton shirts that are usually made in the US - stock varies depending upon which supplier has the best prices, and sometimes a few non-US-made shirts slip into the mix (we're working on that).


Please note that this image shows a womens-cut t-shirt, but we currently have only our standard t-shirts available (see dropdown menu options.

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