Hakuna Matata - Copper Ring


No worries!  A sturdy, bright copper ring hand stamped by me with "Hakuna Matata".  A bit wider than my standard 1/4" width rings, this is 3/8" wide and works well for men or women.

 It's made from a 3/8" wide strip of solid, 16 gauge copper, so while it is adjustable, you will need to provide an approximation of your ring size at checkjout to ensure a comfortable fit.

It's shown here in my Comic Sans font, but any of the available fonts can be substituted for no charge; just leave a note during checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: Many people have a sensitivity to copper.  Though I will give the ring a light coating of sealant wax, there is a chance it will turn your finger green.  It will also darken over time, despite the sealant.  You can always polish it up again with a bit of vinegar followed by a cool water rinse (be sure to dry thoroughly!) but some people like the rustic look of naturally aged copper.

This ring can also be customized to say whatever you'd like*!  You can leave me a note at checkout with your customization (limit of 20 characters, including spaces).  

 See additional photos for font and design options. Designs can be added for no extra charge, though note that some designs, like the Day of the Dead skull and (sadly) my exclusive TARDIS stamp, are a bit too big for this size ring.


*except hateful, bigoted and/or offensive stuff.  I won't stamp that, so don't ask.  I'm a flaming liberal with a potty mouth, so that should give you an idea of what I might find offensive.


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