Floating Lockets

Yup, we've got 'em! This section may look a bit sparse at first, but we'll be adding our inventory over the next week or two until our full line is shown here.

Our floating lockets are made primarily from high quality stainless steel (we've found a few designs that we just couldn't resist made of less expensive alloys, but we'll always let you know exactly what you're getting), and come on your choice of silver plated, stainless steel or sterling silver chains, or leather, suede, cotton, silk or hemp cords. We have a fantastic selection of charms which will continue to grow - and of course, because this is Foxwise, we also have a number of additional customization options, including customizable plates and charm inserts, tags and more.

A few of the charms, and many of the stamped or engraved plates and inserts, are made in the Foxwise studio, but unlike the majority of Foxwise pieces, these lockets are not made by us, nor are they manufactured in the U.S. Our locket suppliers are located in India and China, and most of the enameled charms are made in China. Though we feel confident that these items are all lead-free, due to problems that have arisen over the last few years with products manufactured in China we cannot *guarantee* that these are lead-free. It's our recommendation that you not give these lockets to anyone under the age of 13. And of course, the small size of the charms means that they are not suitable for very young children under any circumstances.