Hakuna Matata - Sterling Silver Ring


No worries!  A genuine sterling silver ring, hand stamped by the Foxwise crew with "Hakuna Matata" in our Handwriting Caps font.  This ring is adjustable, and is 1/4" wide; it works well for men or women. You will need to provide an approximation of your ring size at checkout to ensure a comfortable fit; a size & (US) will be sent if no size if specified.

PLEASE NOTE: People who have a sensitivity to copper may experience a skin reaction from sterling silver.  Though generally considered to be "skin safe", sterling silver does contain a small amount of copper and thus is not the best choice for those with super-sensitive skin or metal allergies.  Our hypoallergenic aluminum is a safe choice (and cheaper!) or we can make the ring from Argentium silver, which is a proprietary silver alloy -- it's  just as genuine as sterling silver but is safer for sensitive skin, plus it never tarnishes!

Hakuna Matata ring in aluminum
Hakuna Matata ring in Argentium silver

Thank you so much for shopping at Foxwise!  I have been making hand stamped, geeky and pop-culture themed jewelry since 2010.  All of my pieces are made by hand by me or one of my assistants; most orders ship within a week.


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