Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords - [Game of Thrones] Aluminum Handstamped 1/4” Bracelet


The first sword of Braavos does not run, he gives kickass advice. Learn his lessons well, if you wish to forestall the God of Death for another turning of the earth.

This bracelet stamped with Syrio Forel's mantra for the water dancer ‘Swift as a deer/Quiet as a shadow/Fear cuts deeper than swords’. A great and affordable choice for those with allergies or sensitivity to metals, this 1/4" aluminum bracelet is tarnish-free and won't turn your skin funny colors! Pure aluminum is a soft metal, so you can bend it a little to make it easier to get in and out of, but heavy use and repeated bending will cause it to snap eventually. Despite this, it is surprisingly durable, and even with regular wear your bracelet should last for 2-3 years or more.

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Please note that because hand stamping is not a replacement for machine-engraving, your jewelry is not going to feature perfectly even, uniform text.  Variations and a bit of whimsy are to be expected; this is part of the charm of hand-stamped jewelry, as each piece is truly one of a kind and can never be duplicated exactly.

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