Companion - Doctor Who Key-chain


OK, so you'd have trouble unlocking the real TARDIS with it, but did you really think the Doctor would let us just stamp copies of our key en masse? Just because the TARDIS can contain entire planets doesn't mean he wants anyone in off the street milling about in his sitting room. Besides, the seating is pretty sparce and the chocolate fountain, delicious though it undoubtedly is, can only be rationed so far.

This aluminum key shaped keychain is stamped with Companion in our Handwriting Caps font. Made of pure (1100) aluminum, it's hypoallergenic so it won't stain your skin.

Please note that hand stamping is not an exact science - your keychains will not be a perfect duplicate of those seen in the photos; some variation is to be expected, as each letter is stamped by hand.

Thanks for shopping with! We're doing what we love here in sunny SoCal, and we appreciate your visit.

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