Keep Calm, I'm the Doctor - Aluminum Keychain w/ Tardis


Even if you lack a second heart, a sonic screwdriver, and a Baker's dozen of regenerations, you can still calm calamity with the same ease as our gallant Gallifreyan. Simply walk right into the middle of things, take as much charge as needs taking, and turn aside violence with a quick tongue, quicker legs, and the quickest thinking in the room.

This 1"x2" aluminum keychain is stamped with Keep Calm, I'm the Doctor in our comic sans font and our custom TARDIS stamp. Made of pure (1100) aluminum, it won't react with sensitive skin, or stain like more volatile metals.

Each item is hand-stamped and hand-inked, so a little variation is to be expected, and a part of what makes your keychain uniquely yours.

Here at, we appreciate your custom, your costumes, and your caustic wit.

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