Fiddle-dee-dee! - Aluminum Handstamped 1/4" Bracelet


Handstamped with ‘Fiddle-dee-dee!’

”Fiddle-dee-dee! Ashley Wilkes says he likes a girl with a healthy appetite!"

"What a gentleman says and what a gentleman does is two different things!  And I ain't noticed Mr. Ashley Wilkes askin' for to marry you!"

...okay, I could go on and on, but if you're already picturing Mammy giving Scarlett the 'look' and Scarlett plopping herself down to sulkily cram biscuits in her mouth, then you're as big a fan of Gone With the Wind as I am, and you need this bracelet!  ; )

It's adjustable, and are made from pure, hypoallergenic aluminum.  A great and affordable choice for those with allergies or sensitivity to metals, aluminum is tarnish-free and won't turn your skin funny colors!  It is a soft metal, though, and if you bend it too much and too often while taking it on and off, it will eventually break. Despite this, it is surprisingly durable, and even with regular wear your bracelet should last for 2-3 years or more.

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Please note that because hand stamping is not a replacement for machine-engraving, your jewelry is not going to feature perfectly even, uniform text.  Variations and a bit of whimsy are to be expected; this is part of the charm of hand-stamped jewelry, as each piece is truly one of a kind and can never be duplicated exactly.

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