My Other Ride Is the Tardis - Aluminum ID Keychain w/Tardis


This Doctor Who keychain is made from a sturdy 1" x 2" aluminum tag, hand stamped by me with "My other ride is the Tardis" and my very own, exclusive Tardis design stamp.  You can't get this anywhere else (well, except my ArtFire shop and eBay shop); until someone else copies me**, I have the ONLY Tardis metal design stamp on the planet.  Perhaps even in the universe, though the Doctor would be the final authority on that.

This comes on a standard size split ring.  If you are not a Doctor Who fan and are just looking for a gift for someone who is -- trust me, you've found it.  Affordable, amazingly cool, and unlike anything else out there.



**03/13 - it took nearly a year, but yup, someone has copied me (on Etsy, natch)

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