Ain't No Thing Like Me - Except Me - Rocket Raccoon Keychain, Hand Stamped Aluminum - Guardians Of The Galaxy Inspired


What do Rocket Raccoon and Jaime Lannister have in common? Not their follicles, nor their family, nor even their phylum, but they share one quality. They both believe themselves to be utterly unique from all the people they've ever met. This 1/2" x 2" pure (1100) aluminum keychain is hand stamped with "Ain't no thing like me," on one side, and "except me. -RR" on the other, both in our Bridgette font.

This comes on a standard size split ring.

I can also stamp any other quote you'd like, of up to 16 characters, including spaces. To simplify things and avoid delays with your order, if you want something other than what is shown we recommend that you order our custom key chain.

  Please note that because hand stamping is not a replacement for machine-engraving, your items are not going to feature lines of perfectly even, uniform text.  Variations and a bit of whimsy are to be expected; this is part of the charm of hand-stamped jewelry, as each piece is truly one of a kind and can never be duplicated exactly.

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