Custom Sterling Silver 1/4" Bracelet, Stamped on Both Sides


This pretty, 1/4" solid sterling silver bracelet will be hand-stamped by me on the front and back with YOUR choice of words.  It could be a favorite quote...a song lyric...your kid's names..whatever you'd like!*

The limit is 55 characters on one side and up to 35 on the other, unless you choose one of the larger fonts like Typewriter caps or Calligraphy, in which case the limit is 40/25 characters.  This includes spaces.  Designs, which can be added for no extra charge, count as two spaces.

If you want only one side of the bracelet stamped, then you'll want to order this one.

 See additional photos for font and design options. Designs can be added for no extra charge, though note that some designs, like the Day of the Dead skull and (sadly) my exclusive TARDIS stamp, are too big for this size bracelet.


*except hateful, bigoted and/or offensive stuff.  I won't stamp that, so don't ask.  I'm a flaming liberal with a potty mouth, so that should give you an idea of what I might find offensive.


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