Custom 14k Gold Fill 1/4" Bracelet


Create a custom message of your own, hand stamped on to this 1/4" 14k gold fill bracelet. Whether it's a name, a quote, an in-joke, a memento, or your login credentials, we'll be happy to make it for you.*

The size limit is 55 characters, unless you choose one of the larger fonts like Typewriter (Caps) or Calligraphy, in which case the limit is 40 characters. This includes spaces. Designs count as two characters, and can be substited at no cost. Because of the narrow width of this piece, our large designs like the Day of the Dead skull and the TARDIS won't fit.

This listing is for stamping a single side of the bracelet. If you would prefer us to stamp the inner facing, please just let us know in the comments.

A bit of exuberance in the placement of our lettering is to be expected, and makes your hand-stamped piece unlike any other.

Important Caveat: While we believe wholeheartedly in the worth of debate, there are things that we can't stamp in good conscience, such as hateful or bigoted speech. Our founder, Rose is a self-characterized "flaming liberal with a potty mouth", which should give you some idea of what might be considered offensive.

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