Custom Red Brass Guitar Pick Pendant


A lovely, gleaming red brass guitar pick hand stamped with YOUR custom quote, phrase, song lyric, name, etc. This sturdy pendant has the look of real gold at a much more affordable price!  It hangs from a simple black leather cord necklace (a faux leather cord can be substituted for no extra charge).

The limit for this style is 26 characters, including spaces. though if you choose a larger font such a Typewriter caps or Comic Sans caps the count will need to be lower.  Designs, which can be added for no additional fee, count as two spaces - except for the really large ones, like my exclusive TARDIS design stamp, Day of the Dead skull, etc.

If you are unsure about whether your customization will work, please send me a note at and I'll get back to you within 24 hours (it unfortunately does sometimes take that long, though usually it's quicker).  I can also substitute a different shape such as a square, rectangle, heart, etc.  If you're starting to think "Wow, *everything* is possible at Foxwise!" -- you're right!  Foxes are magic; didn't you know?  They can do anything.  Except windows.  They don't do those.

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