The Flower That Blooms In Adversity Is Most Rare - Disney's Mulan Inspired Handstamped Aluminum Bracelet


Mulan isn't all Donny Osmond singing about the qualities that make a good soldier. It is also about George Takei having all the best lines as the Emperor of China. And finding the hun army. And defying societally defined gender roles. OK, so Mulan is about a lot of things, but the value of accomplishment in the face of adversity is one of them, and that's pretty cool.

This 1/4" aluminum bracelet is hand stamped in our Cursive font, and includes a sunflower design at the end of the quote. Because it's made of pure aluminum, it's hypoallergenic, so it won't stain the skin or cause a rash. Because aluminum is a soft metal, it's pretty easy to flex for larger wrists, but please keep in mind that repeated flexing will cause breaks given enough time.

Thanks so much for visiting Foxwise Jewelry! We are a small company that has been offering customizable/geeky/pop culture jewelry and other items since 2010; our founder, Rose, is a crafter and artisan who began making jewelry in 2002. Our bracelets and rings are made from quality, US-sourced metals that we cut ourselves in our little workshop in sunny Southern California.

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