Hakuna Matata - Argentium Silver Ring


It means no worries, for the rest of your days!  A genuine Argentium silver ring, hand stamped by the Foxwise crew with "Hakuna Matata" in our Handwriting Caps font.  This ring is adjustable, and is 1/4" wide; it works well for men or women. You will need to provide an approximation of your ring size at checkout to ensure a comfortable fit; a size & (US) will be sent if no size if specified.

Argentium silver is made from recycled silver, making it an eco-friendly option; plus, it's hypoallergenic and, unlike sterling silver, never tarnishes!  It's slightly brighter than sterling and has a whiter sheen, giving it an appearance similar to platinum and white gold.  We do have this ring available in sterling silver as well - it's also available in affordable aluminum.

Hakuna Matata ring in aluminum
Hakuna Matata ring in sterling silver

Thank you so much for shopping at Foxwise!  I have been making hand stamped, geeky and pop-culture themed jewelry since 2010.  All of my pieces are made by hand by me or one of my assistants; most orders ship within a week.


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