We will sing to you, Doctor… - Aluminum ID Bracelet w/Silk Wrap


This bracelet is made from a large (approximately 1" x 2") aluminum tag, hand stamped by me in my Handwriting font with the Ood's lovely parting words to #10: "We will sing to you, Doctor.  The universe will sing you to your sleep.".

The tag has been strung onto a hand-dyed silk ribbon in shades of fiery orange and yellow.  Each ribbon is hand-dyed, so please expect variations.  Other colors are available -- see photo for current choices.  I can substitute any of these for no extra fee, but please do list your second choice as well in case I have just run out of your first.  

 To wear, simply wrap the silk ribbon around your wrist and tuck the ends under, or tie in a knot.

This bracelet can also be customized to say whatever you would like!  The limit is five lines and 115 characters, including spaces, though if you choose a larger font I will not be able to fit as many characters.  Designs count as two spaces.  Please see photos for design and font options.


New here?  I've been making hand-stamped Doctor Who jewelry (as well as other pop-culture, geek-inspired coolness) since 2010.  My jewelry is all made by hand, by me, in my little garage studio here in Southern California.  Hand stamping is not a precise art - each letter is stamped individually by hand, using metal stamps that are held in one hand while a hammer is wielded in the other (yes, I sometimes whack my thumb instead).  Because of this, you won't see perfectly uniform lines of text such as you'd expect from an engraving machine...but that is part of the charm of this art form.  Because each letter is stamped separately, no two pieces are ever exactly alike, meaning that your jewelry is a one-of-a-kind creation.  Enjoy!

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