Wibbly Wobbly Full Quote - Aluminum ID Bracelet w/Silk Wrap


This bracelet is made from a large (approximately 1" x 2") aluminum tag, hand stamped by me in my Handwriting font with #10's (abridged) explanation of time travel: "People assume time is a strict progression, but...it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey...stuff".

The tag has been strung onto a hand-dyed silk ribbon in lovely jewel tones of blue, purple, gold and more.  Each ribbon is hand-dyed, so please expect variations.  Other colors are available -- see photo (the one in the sample photo is 'Carnivale').  To wear, simply wrap the silk ribbon around your wrist and tuck the ends under, or tie in a knot.

This bracelet can also be customized to say whatever you would like!  The limit is five lines and 115 characters, including spaces, though if you choose a larger font I will not be able to fit as many characters.  Designs count as two spaces. 


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