Ten is my Doctor - Aluminum Keychain w/ Hammered finish


Whether he's taking a vacation as John Smith, or riding high as the Time Lord Victorious, you love David Tennant and you know it. You didn't want him to go either, but painful as it is, we all must pass on. Our fealty, however, is another matter.

This 1/2"x2" keychain is made of pure 1100 aluminum, meaning it's hypoallergenic, and won't give you a rash or stain your skin like more reactive metals. We've hand stamped it in our Scarlett's Signature font, included our custom TARDIS stamp, and given the edges a hammered finish.

Variation and a touch of whimsy are part and parcel of hand-stamped jewelry and make your piece your own.

Thanks for shopping with Foxwise.biz! We're doing what we love here in sunny SoCal, and we appreciate your visit.

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