Seal of Rassilon - Aluminum Ring


An adjustable (i.e., bigger on the inside!) sturdy, 1/2" wide aluminum ring, stamped by hand with our very own exclusive Seal of Rassilon design stamp.
(Our fearless leader Rose was the first person to begin making hand stamped Doctor Who jewelry back in 2010, and was the first person with a custom-made Tardis design stamp, and is now the first person with a custom Seal of Rassilon design stamp.  There will be imitators, but nothing beats the original!)

This makes a fantastic thumb ring; it's comfortable worn as a regular ring, too, unless you have very tiny fingers, in which case it might feel a tad bulky.
Please note that because hand stamping is not a replacement for machine-engraving, your ring will not have lines of perfectly even, uniform text, and designs are sometimes slightly tilted, or a little wibbly-wobbly.  Variations and a bit of whimsy are to be expected; this is part of the charm of hand-stamped jewelry, as each piece is truly one of a kind and can never be duplicated exactly, not even if you have all of time and space at your disposal.



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