F**k Cancer - Skinny 3/16" Aluminum Bracelet, Hand Stamped


This is one of my super-skinny bracelets; they look great when you stack two or three (or more!) of them together.  I've stamped this with FUCK CANCER in my tiny caps font (this, my Handwriting lowercase and my script font are the only ones that fit on this size bracelet).

There is a time for being polite and soft-spoken, and a time for fighting back and raising hell. When confronted with cancer (which has taken too many good people too soon), my response is a resounding FUCK YOU. 

This bracelet is adjustable, and is made from pure, hypoallergenic aluminum.  A great and affordable choice for those with allergies or sensitivity to metals, aluminum is tarnish-free and won't turn your skin funny colors!  It is a soft metal, though, and if you bend it too much and too often while taking it on and off, it will eventually break.

 See additional photos for font and design options. Designs can be added for no extra charge, though note that on my skinny bracelets, only the following designs will fit: tiny flower, tiny arrow, tiny star, cross (sideways only), tiny dog bone, lips and winged heart.

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