What Cancer Cannot Do - Aluminum Cuff


A wide, sturdy aluminum cuff, hand stamped by me with: 

What Cancer Cannot Do:

cripple love     shatter hope     kill friendship

eat away peace     suppress memories     corrode faith

destroy confidence     silence courage     conquer the spirit


This is shown in my Typewriter font, which is the default for this style, but I can substitute any other font you'd like.  I can also customize the wording if you'd like; I have found several versions of this wonderful message (which appears to be anonymous), and of course there are so many more things that cancer cannot do, so please feel free to personalize it; there's no extra charge for customization.


I can also customize this bracelet to say whatever you'd like!  The limit is 240 characters, including spaces.  This size bracelet is also available in sterling silver, here: Sterling Wide Cuff

My bracelets are adjustable, and made from pure, hypoallergenic aluminum.  A great and affordable choice for those with allergies or sensitivity to metals, aluminum is tarnish-free and won't turn your skin funny colors!  It is a soft metal, though, and if you bend it too much and too often while taking it on and off, it will eventually break.

See additional photos for font and design options. Designs can be added for no extra charge.

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