You Know Nothing, Jon Snow - Aluminum Game of Thrones Bracelet


In a genre rife with heroes informed more by authorial fiat than realistic experience, George R.R. Martin stands apart in that even the wisest and best educated of his characters know only a fraction of what his world has to offer. The travels and travails of Jon Snow are marked with painful, hard-won lessons, and Ygritte's socratic gift is the greatest, and most painful, of them all. Let this aluminum bracelet serve as a reminder that there are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in any of our philosophies.

This 1/4" bracelet is pure aluminum, so it's hypoallergenic and won't stain or react with your skin. Aluminum is also soft, so you can bend it a bit to get in and out of it easier. Be warned though, bending wears out the metal, and it will snap eventually if subjected to heavy use. The font in use is large arial.

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