Dark Wings Dark Words - Game of Thrones ID Bracelet with Silk Wrap


Bear some of the common wisdom of Westeros with you wherever you go. As a raven from a rival lord could easily be the herald of war and ruin, it is small wonder the little folk have developed some superstitions around their master's ravens. Some, more justified than others...

This 1/2"x2" aluminum tag is hand stamped in our Ninja font, and held to your wrist with a black silk wrap. To affix, simply wrap the silk around your wrist and either knot it off or tuck the ends under. The tag is pure (1100) aluminum, so it won't react with your skin, or leave any stains like those you'd receive from raw copper.

Hand-stamped products are subject to a certain amount of variation. It's part of what makes them hand-stamped, after all!

Foxwise blesses your visit, by the old gods and the new.

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