Felix Felicis - Aluminum Bracelet


A bright aluminum, adjustable bracelet stamped by hand with the good luck spell Felix Felicis.  The letters have been stamped in our Handwriting Caps font.  Please note that this spell is not terribly reliable when used by Muggles.

This bracelet is adjustable, and is made from pure, hypoallergenic aluminum.  A great and affordable choice for those with allergies or sensitivity to metals, aluminum is tarnish-free and won't turn your skin funny colors!  It is a soft metal, though, and if you bend it too much and too often while taking it on and off, it will eventually break.

Note that unlike machine-engraved bracelets, these are stamped one letter at a time, by hand, so please do expect some variation, and forgive any minor imperfections.  : )

This bracelet can also be customized to say whatever you'd like*!  For all the details and specifications, please click here: Custom Bracelet

If you would like both sides stamped, it's a bit more, so you'll need to order this bracelet: custom double-stamped bracelet

This style is also available in sterling silver.


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