Gryffindor - Harry Potter Red Brass House Keychain


The Sorting Hat does take preference into account when choosing your house, so why not stack the deck early by getting your gryffindor keychain now? Be careful when gifting this though, an excess of parental pressure may cause the opposite reaction, and nothing says teenage rebellion like joining Slytherin!

This 1"x2" keychain is made of red (or jeweller's) brass, which has a slightly redder hue to give it an appearance closer to gold, and hand stampe in our Script (lowercase) font. Although brass reacts less than copper, it can react with sensitive skin. It can also be cleaned with ketchup, no joke!

A bit of exuberance in the placement of our lettering is to be expected, and makes your hand-stamped piece unlike any other.

Thanks so much for visiting Foxwise Jewelry! We've been in the "handcrafted awesomeness" business for many years, and in the "nerdy hand stamped jewelry" business since 2010.

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