Expecto Patronum - Aluminum Pendant


A 3/4" diamond-shaped aluminum pendant, hand stamped by me with 'Expecto Patronum'.  The default font for this is my Handwriting Caps, as shown in the photos, but you can substitute any of my smaller font (Typewriter Caps, Comic Sans, Large Arial, Elegant Caps, Wonderland & Calligraphy are too big).  I've added a lightning bolt underneath.  Some people prefer a pawprint or other symbol and that's fine too - just leave me a note letting me know what you'd like!

The pendant comes on a silver plated cable style chain (chain is approximately 18" - 22" long, depending on inventory...let me know if you'd like a specific length).

I can also customize this style necklace to say whatever you'd like!  The limit for this style is around 18 characters, including spaces;there's some wiggle room because it depends on what font you use, and because the pendant can be hung as a square rather than a diamond, giving you a bit more room across.  But regardless, I won't be able to fit more than 8 characters across (maybe 9 with my Tiny Caps).

See photos for available fonts and designs.


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