Be Badass Everyday - Inspirational Aluminum Keychain


Being a good person isn't easy. Being a good person while also trying to accomplish everything your aspirations is the hardest thing you can do. Everyone needs a hand sometime, even if it's from their past self, telling them they can do it. Give your future self, or someone you know who's fighting the good fight, a hand.

This aluminum 1"x2" keychain is hand-stamped in our Standard font.

Because we stamp each piece by hand, some variation is to be expected in the lettering; this is part of the charm of handmade jewelry, and what makes your piece unique.

Foxwise is the brainchild of Rose, our founder and Chief Nerd, who's been making hand stamped jewelry since 2002. In 2010, she decided to make her passion her business, and has been gathering like-minded people to her ever since.

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