Jerk/Bitch - Supernatural Inspired Hand Stamped Aluminum Keychains With Anti Possession Symbol


Family. It means petty insults, cleaning up other people's messes, and existential angst. It also means somebody'll be there for you, come what may, and that you'll always be loved, even when you screw up big time. Sam and Dean Winchester are the archetype of emotionally constipated yet caring brothers, and these are their affectionate nicknames. So, let someone you love know that they're a jerk, or a bitch, but you love them anyway.

These 1/2"x2" pure aluminum keychains are hand stamped in our Comic (Caps) font. Our super awesome anti-possession symbol has been added to both :)

Foxwise is the brainchild of Rose, our founder and Chief Nerd, who's been making hand stamped jewelry since 2002. In 2010, she decided to make her passion her business, and has been gathering like-minded people to her ever since.

A bit of exuberance in the placement of our lettering is to be expected, and makes your hand-stamped piece unlike any other.

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