No Day But Today - Rent Brass Bracelet w/Cotton Cord


Optimism in the face of adversity is a life-changing force. Remember that today, and every day, you are moving inexorably toward being the person you want to be. There's no other way, no day but today.

This quote from Rent is in our tiny arial capitals font, hand stamped on a red brass washer, and connected via a purple cotton cord. The cord can be tied into a simple knot or sliding knot - the cord ends will arrive untied for you to finish as you wish.

Thanks so much for visiting Foxwise Jewelry! We are a small company that has been offering customizable/geeky/pop culture jewelry and other items since 2010; our founder, Rose, is a crafter and artisan who began making jewelry in 2002. Our bracelets and rings are made from quality, US-sourced metals that we cut ourselves in our little workshop in sunny Southern California.

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