Customizable Geographical Location - Sterling Silver Bracelet with Suede Cord


Get your choice of latitude and longitude coordinates printed onto this 3" sterling silver bracelet. The bracelet is held by a black suede cord and a sterling silver tube. It is completely adjustable; simply wrap the cord around your wrist and tighten it by pulling through the bead/tube, then knot the end or just tuck it under.

We ask that, for your own satisfaction, you give us the coordinates in the form shown above (rather than, say, "the peak of Mt. Olympus") because otherwise we'll just pick the numbers at random, and you have a 70.8% chance of receiving a beautiful bracelet pointing at some random point in the ocean.

Because we stamp each piece by hand, some variation is to be expected in the lettering; this is part of the charm of handmade jewelry, and what makes your piece unique.


Thanks for visiting Foxwise.  We're a bunch of nerds and geeks making jewelry about the nerdy geeky stuff we love, and your support helps us do that.

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