Custom Copper Stamped Bracelet with Antiqued Patina - 3/8" wide Unisex Adjustable Cuff


A 3/8" wide solid copper bracelet, adjustable and suitable for men or women, stamped by hand with any phrase of your choosing. We can fit up to 50 characters, including spaces; if you need more, we can stamp two lines on this style by using our Tiny Caps font, but there's an extra fee - or you can order our half inch bracelet (shown in the second photo) with the same antiqued, rustic finish, here).  Designs, which can be added for no extra charge, count as two spaces.

This is not a machine-made, mass-produced item; our handcrafted jewelry is made to order and may contain tiny imperfections that make it uniquely yours.  For this bracelet style, we start with a strip of sturdy 3/8" x 6" copper, stamp it with your custom phrase, then sand the edges and round the corners, soak the bracelet in a solution of liver of sulfur to give it a rich, aged patina, and then use fine stool wool to buff it and bring out the highlights. before shaping it into an adjustable cuff that will fit most adults. 

Note that because of the added patina, this bracelet may leave a faint mark on your skin the first couple of times it is worn.  If it continues to leave a mark, or turns your skin green, then you have a sensitivity to copper - we recommend adding a sealant, even something simple like clear nail polish, to the inside of the bracelet to avoid further skin reactions.

 Please note that this listing is for stamping only ONE side of the bracelet.  I'm happy to stamp the inside instead of the outside; just let me know!  If you'd like both sides stamped, you'll want to order this bracelet.

 See additional photos for font and design options.

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