Moriarty - Sherlock Aluminum Earrings w/Crown design


Sherlock may be all popped collars and leonine cheekbones, but we all know the Sherlock character that really captivates us. He's brilliant, with that Irish lilt to his tones, and he's just so… changeable! Moriarty is king, and let 'em all know with these 1100 aluminum earrings hand dapped and hand stamped with his name in our Handwriting font, and a design of his crown.

A bit of exuberance in the placement of our lettering is to be expected, and makes your hand-stamped piece unlike any other.

Foxwise is the brainchild of Rose, our founder and Chief Nerd, who's been making hand stamped jewelry since 2002. In 2010, she decided to make her passion her business, and has been gathering like-minded people to her ever since.

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