Do, or Do Not - Star Wars Aluminum Spiral Pendant


Listen to the little green muppet with nine centuries of experience and a poor grasp of syntax! Whether you're restoring that wreck of an X-wing to original factory condition, toppling a stable regime because some enigmatic old men told you to, or deciding to reject a position in your father's business, remember that your success or failure will be judged objectively, and you don't get an A just for effort. Alright, so Yoda's less harsh than all that, but Zen advice can be open to some pretty harsh interpretations. Instead, remember that with the Force, all things are possible, so wear this as a reminder to spend five minutes every day trying to move things with your mind just for kicks. It's fun to watch and keeps you out of trouble.

This 1.75" wide aluminum spiral pendant on a silver plated ball chain is hypoallergenic, so even if you have sensitive skin, it won't have a reaction or turn funny colors. The font used is Handwriting Caps.

Each pendant has the slight variations expected with handcrafted, hand stamped items, making it uniquely yours.

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