Custom Stamped Bangle Bracelet - Handstamped Sterling Silver Soldered Closed Stacking Bracelet


 This 1/8" sterling silver bangle has been soldered closed by hand. It can be stamped with whatever you wish!


A hand stamped, narrow bangle style bracelet, made from genuine .925 sterling silver.  This will be stamped on the inside or outside (you choose) with your custom quote or phrase, of up to 50 characters including spaces.

After stamping your custom message on it, I solder the bracelet closed into a solid bangle.  I typically use an 8" length of sterling silver; let me know if you need a shorter or longer length (remember that it needs to be more than the circumference of your wrist because of needing to fit over your hand).

This bracelet is very narrow, and only my tiny Arial font will fit (upper or lowercase); I can also fit a tiny heart, pawprint or star.


Let me know if you prefer all caps, all lowercase, or a mix of the two. If you don't specify a choice, I will stamp it exactly as you type it - so do be careful to double-check everything! The bracelet in the photo shows all lowercase in my Jeanie font. Note that for my larger fonts the tag will have to be a bit bigger and the price will be higher. Please email me with any questions you may have!

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