Raised from Perdition - Supernatural Aluminum Bracelet


A trip to hell is typically one-way, unless you've got plot armour, that is! If you're Dean Winchester, a trip to hell is just another way to gain XP. This bracelet is the perfect reward for those who've been to hell and back the hard way, whether their jailbreak was heaven sent, or the party rescuing their Level 22 halfling thief from his just reward after one too many crit fails.

This 1/4" bracelet is made of pure aluminum, and hand stamped with Raised from Perdition in our Calligraphy font. Because aluminum is very light, and pretty soft in its pure form, this bracelet is very light, and can be flexed a bit for an easier time getting it on or off.

Hand-stamped products are subject to a certain amount of variation. It's part of what makes them hand-stamped, after all!

Foxwise is the brainchild of Rose, our founder and Chief Nerd, who's been making hand stamped jewelry since 2002. In 2010, she decided to make her passion her business, and has been gathering like-minded people to her ever since.

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