Driver Picks the Music… - Supernatural Anodized Aluminum Keychain


Attach this to your keychain to let any passengers know the rules of your car, or that you watch Supernatural, or both. Both of those things could totally occur. If you don't wish to emulate Sam and Dean, you could also play Radio Roulette.

    Here are the rules:
  • At the start of the trip, the person riding shotgun presses and hold seek until the driver says stop.
  • At the finish of the next song, the randomization begins again, with the next person (in a clockwise rotation) calling when to halt
  • Each person in the car gets one veto per trip, whether it's 5 minutes to the convenience store, or 4 hours to Tulsa.

This 1"x2" keychain is made of black anodized aluminum, and stamped in our Large Arial font.

Please note that hand stamping is not an exact science - your keychains will not be a perfect duplicate of those seen in the photos; some variation is to be expected, as each letter is stamped by hand.

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