Cloudcuckoolander - TV Tropes Red Brass Bracelet


This is the bracelet for the space cadets, the absent-minded geniuses, the Luna Lovegoods. If you regularly snap back from interesting trains of thought to find that no-one knows what you're talking about, this bracelet is for you. Originally a reference to an ancient grecian play (The Birds by Aristophanes) this trope refers to those of us who are slightly out in our own little world.

Stamped in our default font onto jeweller's brass (also known as red brass), this piece is close to the appearance of gold, but far from the price of same. Variation and a touch of whimsy are part and parcel of hand-stamped jewelry and make your piece your own.

Thanks for visiting Foxwise, where the items are stamped by hand, and the floors, stamped by feet.

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