Wrist Words - "Be" - Removable Tag Bracelet - Or Choose Your Word!


A gloriously carefree and simple bracelet made with a stainless steel bangle bracelet which hooks onto a a solid, sterling silver tag, that has been stamped by hand with "be". It can have any other word you'd like, or a name, initial, or two initials separated (well, joined) by a heart...the possibilities are almost endless! This type of bracelet looks *especially* nice when paired with two or three similar bracelets.


The sterling tag is 1/4" x 1".


Let me know if you prefer all caps, all lowercase, or a mix of the two. If you don't specify a choice, I will stamp it exactly as you type it - so do be careful to double-check everything! The bracelet in the photo shows all lowercase in my Jeanie font. Note that for my larger fonts the tag will have to be a bit bigger and the price will be higher. Please email me with any questions you may have!

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